Hershey Bryant – Hershey's Treat

Hershey’s Treat

Hershey's Treat

If you’ve got a taste for Hershey’s Kisses, we’ve got just the girl for you, fellas. Hershey Bryant is a thick piece of chocolate ass that’s built to smash.

“Do you like what you see?” Hershey asks with a tease in her much-too-small-for-her-phat-ass jean shorts. “I think you do.”

She’s right, and we’d love nothing more than to taste a bit of this dark chocolate-skinned chick. But we’re going to have to settle for watching her play today.

After Hershey strips down to her lovely birthday suit, she pulls out her favorite toy. She slips and slides her favorite playmate in and out of her juicy cunt, and it’s not long before she lets out a rapturous orgasm.

“Oh, you like that wet pussy?” Hershey asks.

We do. It’s Hershey’s treat.

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Candace Von – Workin' THE MAN

Workin’ THE MAN

Workin' THE MAN

Mr. Swiss is a stressed out corporate type who loves to fuck busty hookers. When he calls his regular ho, Candace Von, for some nut-alleviation, she is already with a John…IN the john. When he insists that she bring her sweet tits over ASAP, Candace is faced with a tough decision: Does she finish sucking the cock she is with, or does she ditch that dude for the guy with the bucks? What does Ms. Von do? She makes her fucking money, that’s what. After haggling with the office manager at the front desk, Candace struts her jiggly titties and plump, ghetto booty into this uptight yuppie’s office and this guy does what we all would love to do to Candace…he fucks her for all she is worth. And boy is she worth a lot, because Ms. Von demands that he pay her for her goods. This guy obviously knows a good deal when he sees one because before you know it, he is whipping out the greenbacks and his cock and Ms. Von is taking everything he’s got. First she tells him to play with her titties and then she gives him a premium cock sucking, deep-throating that dick all the way down to his nuts. After some serious doggie-style, Candace jumps on this John’s Johnson and rides him like it’s going out of style. Then, just because this bitch is the best hooker there is, she lets him bust all up in her mouth and she spits it out all over her tits so she can play with his nutsauce.
When she’s done, it’s business time and she makes this motherfucker pay her for her services. If only chesty hookers wandered into all of our offices…it would make a HARD day at work take on a whole new meaning!

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Pleasure Mia – Cum Correct

Cum Correct

Cum Correct

“I like a man that’s smooth and assertive,” Pleasure Mia said. “I need my dude to come correct.”

Well, with a name like Commando, you already know our boy is more than equipped to make sure that Mia cums correct. But, he’s smooth, too. As Mia makes her way to lay out on the pool deck, Commando quickly hops out of the pool and makes his way over to her. He kindly offers to massage baby oil into body and booty and, of course, Mia can’t turn him down.

Eventually, Mia suggests that they need to finish this inside. And that’s where the slip-n-slide fun really begins.

“Let’s go inside so I can ride this dick,” she says lustily.

She hops on top of a couch and pops her chocolate coochie on Commando’s magic stick.

“Fuck me,” she pants with every thrust. “Fuck me! I’m gonna cum.”

That’s just the first nut that Mia is gonna bust here, though. Commando turns Mia around and beasts on her pussy doggy style.

“Oh, fuck!” she screams again. “I’m gonna cum!”

Commando can’t hold off his jizz either now, and he shoots a heavy load all over her ass.

Neither one of these two had a problem cumming correct.

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Pleasure Mia – Pleasuring Mia

Pleasuring Mia

Pleasuring Mia

Names don’t get more fitting than Pleasure Mia. There’s nothing we’d love to see more right now than Mia being pleasured. Our boy Commando feels the same way. After Mia makes her way out to the pool, Commando is nice enough to help lotion up her thick chocolate ass.

Of course, things start to sizzle after Commando lays down a few coats of oil. Mia jiggles her ass a bit to tease him, but she’s the one getting hotter. Mia pulls Commando’s cock out of his swim trunks and stuffs it into her mouth while he’s smackin’ her ass.

“Let’s go inside so I can ride this dick,” Mia says

Sitting on top of a white couch, Mia pops and drops her ‘donk on Commando. Then, he flips her around and beats up her phat ass and pussy from the back.

“Fuck me!” Mia says as Commando picks up his pace. “Oh, god! I’m gonna cum!”

With an ass and pussy this bangin’, Commando can only hold out for so long, too. He shoots a load of spunk all over her chocolate trunk.

Mia happily rubs it into her ass. Yup, that’s how you pleasure Mia.

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Anna D. Caans – Texas Tease Takes Tool In Tight Twat

Texas Tease Takes Tool In Tight Twat

Texas Tease Takes Tool In Tight Twat

Girl-next-door Anna D. Caans (get it?) was discovered by SCORE at the 2002 Adult Video News Expo in Las Vegas. Two staff members spotted her and gave her a business card. She called and this scene was one of two Anna made. The other scene was a dildo show. Anna was 22-years-old at the time.

Anna’s fresh-scrubbed look can fool you. This girl is a dirty girl and wanted to do everything sexually she possibly could. Anna told us during her stay at SCORELAND that getting into adult modeling was something she heavily researched before diving into. She only did it part-time because she was a theater major in college in Austin, Texas.

To make extra money, Anna danced at a nude bar in Texas. The D.J. there steered her to a local videographer to start her off in porn. After that, Anna found that the adult conventions were a good place to make professional contacts. True enough. Anna said that she was in it for the long run but that didn’t happen and Anna didn’t continue her porn path even though she had a real talent for pleasing the cock.

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Shanna Ryun – Lookin' For Freedom

Lookin’ For Freedom

Lookin' For Freedom

If you’re lookin’ for freedom, look no further than our latest bad white chick Shanna Ryun. She’s got it tatted right above her phat vanilla can, and being the ass-lovers that we are, we always knew we felt the most free bangin’ bad bitches from the back.

Shanna knows exactly what the combination of her curves and thick ‘donk does to guys like us.

“I just want someone to come and fuck me,” she says laid out on her couch. “Anybody. Just come and get it. I want him.”

The lucky guy she chose is our boy, Enzo. And he knows just what to do with a thick white chick hoping to be filled with dick. Shanna doesn’t waste any time gettin’ down and slobbing on Enzo’s knob when he pulls it out of his pants. This is a chick that deep throats with the best of them, and she’s showing off her skills here.

Enzo returns the favor by smashing Shanna from the back before he stuffs his huge cock in her tight ass. After hittin’ it from the back, Enzo pulls his cock out and jizzes all over her phat ass and onto her tat.

Yep, our boy definitely found freedom.

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Melody Posh – British Booty

British Booty

British Booty

“Most men are scared to make the first move,” Melody said when we asked her how often men try to pick her up. “I think I may intimidate them. I don’t know why. I’m so friendly.”

Melody, you know why they’re intimidated. It’s not every day you see a thick, caramel-skinned chick like this roaming the streets. And she’s got a sexy British accent, too. If we held a bad bitch contest, she’d be in first place.

We could watch her paint this room all day, but thankfully, Melody is always horny. If a hung dude isn’t around to get her off, well, she’s happy to take care of herself. She pops her apple bottom and rubs her juicy pussy and clit before taking out her favorite toy. She slides it in and out of her cunt before letting out a loud orgasm.

She’s getting our juices flowing, too. We’ve definitely developed a taste for British booty.

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Melody Posh – Sweet Melody

Sweet Melody

Sweet Melody

We don’t get too many British chicks here at BootyLicious, which is what makes our girl Melody Posh such a sweet treat. Melody is getting some home improvement done right now, giving her room a spankin’ new paint job with her phat ass hanging out of some tiny jean shorts. With an ass like hers, we’d paint the room–and town–red, white, black, blue or any other she wants if that’s what it took to smash.

“Do you like my outfit?” she asks in her sweet, British accent. “You look very distracted today. I know you didn’t come here just to watch me paint.”

She’s right. And she knows what we want to do to her right now, too.

“I can see it in your eyes,” she says. “You want to fuck me.”

Melody teases us with her thick ‘donk by getting down on her knees and poppin’ her booty while she plays with her tight, little pussy. Then, she pulls out her favorite toy to get herself off.

This is just a warm up for Melody, though. A chick this bad eventually needs an ass-man to take care of her. And we’d love to make beautiful, bangin’ music with Melody all day and night.

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Dede Lopez – How Dede Likes To Fuck

How Dede Likes To Fuck

How Dede Likes To Fuck

If you ask Dede Lopez what her fetish is, her answer is pretty simple.

“Rough sex,” she says. “That’s all I need, really. “You can leave all the bells and whistles at home. Just bring your hard cock and fuck the shit out of me.”

We love a woman that keeps things simple. Especially when she’s workin’ with the curves and ass this Miami Latina has. She’s teasing us right now with her ass and pussy, but damn it, we’ll enjoy this view. Watching her play with her clit and slide that dildo in and out of her dripping cunt gives us an idea of the type of rough sex this chick likes. And if you aren’t going to be rough and direct, Dede has no problem taking charge.

“I’m very assertive,” Dede said. “I can’t wait around for cock. Once my pussy starts to tingle, I do what I want. I’ll pop it on top of you until I make myself cum. If I really like you, I’ll even let you cum inside me.”

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Dede Lopez – Rim Job

Rim Job

Rim Job

Here at BootyLicious we like to work hard and play hard. Most of the time, we like to do both at the same time. Especially when our favorite Latina Dede swings by our shop after a long day at work. We always try to lay down that good dick for her perfect pussy right then and there.

“We don’t have time to fuck,” Dede Lopez says as she teases the camera with her ass and tight pussy. “But you can watch me play. I can’t wait to see the real thing later.”

We’re usually the type of dudes who don’t like to wait, but when a chick looks this good, we’ll bide our time with fantasizing about taking big bites out of Dede’s phat apple bottom. And we’ve gotta admit, while Dede’s ass is a definite must-smash, watching her slide a dildo in and out of her tight, wet pussy is enough to make us drop several nuts, too. Sort of like a must-see, must-jack TV.

“Oh, this is my favorite toy,” she says. “I’m gonna come so hard for you with it.”

When she finally does cum, she does it by slipping her fat dildo in and out of her dripping, wet cunt. And she does all this while perched on a rim.

“Oh, I got cum all over it,” she says.

That’s all right, Dede. That’s our favorite type of rim job.

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