Baby Doll – A Doll's House

A Doll’s House

A Doll's House

Standing at just five feet tall, Baby Doll is a petite thick-bootied treat. The type of sexy, cute chick guys like us feel like we could carry around in our pockets. She’s a classy chick, too. Though, this little dime piece will get down and dirty at the drop of a dime.

“The craziest place I’ve had sex was probably at a theme park,” Baby Doll said. “We were on a merry-go-round. The park was pretty empty that day and I was giving my boyfriend at the time head. We probably got a bit too merry, and we did go a few rounds later that night.”

We’d love to go a few rounds with her, too. Born in Tampa, Fl, this caramel-skinned girl took her candy apple bottom down south to Miami. Looking as good as she wants to look with her 36-24-40 figure, we know the fellas down there are enjoying the heat.

“I love Miami,” she said. “Especially the clubs. I go out with my girls every weekend and we turn it out. If I meet a hot guy, I’ll take him home with me sometimes.”

Sounds like the only time we’d be down to play in a dollhouse.

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Serenity Evans – Heavy Workload

Heavy Workload

Heavy Workload

There’s a lot of pressure on students today, and sometimes they need to blow off steam. And if you ask us, there’s no better way to blow off steam than blowing your load. Especially when a girl like Serenity Evans is your classmate. With her extra-tight, extra-phat ass, she’s accustomed to carrying a heavy workload. And more importantly, she’s accustomed to taking heavy loads.

“I love giving head,” Serenity said. “Especially when my man starts off soft and gets hard in my mouth. I’ll give a guy head for 15, 20 or 30 minutes until he gets off. Having his sticky cum on my face and in my mouth gets me really wet.”

Our boy Jeremy Ace leaves Serenity with one of the thickest, heaviest facials we’ve ever gotten on film. But not before he stuffed his huge cock into Serenity’s ass and pussy, and getting her off a few times, too.

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Serenity Evans – Sex Education

Sex Education

Sex Education

Normally, staying after class for detention is punishment. But when your detention buddy is a girl like Serenity Evans, you’d probably skip class a few times on purpose in hopes of a few extra detention sessions.

“This isn’t so bad,” our boy Jeremy Ace says. “We get to be in school longer, and study some more.”

“Nerd alert,” Serenity responds. “You belong here.”

Jeremy is a dude that’s serious about his studies, and in particular anatomy and sex education. So he’s definitely the perfect after school study buddy for Serenity.

“Do you like what you see?” She asks.

Jeremy needs a closer look to be sure, but body and booty look promising. He strips her jeans off and takes some firm bites into her caramel apple bottom before taking her top off and helping himself to her cute A-cup breasts. It’s not long before Serenity wants to explore Jeremy’s anatomy and stuffs his now-rock-hard pecker into her curious mouth.

These two end their after school study session with Jeremy’s cock planted deep into her pussy and ass.

“You’re so nasty,” Serenity moans as Jeremy’s cock slides in and out of her. “Fuck that ass!”

Being the hard-working student that he is, Jeremy hits Serenity with a thick facial for extra credit.

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Caroline Pierce – Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

We don’t think Neil Diamond was talking about this fine piece of ass when he penned the now-classic song, “Sweet Caroline,” but it fits this chick perfectly. Caroline Pierce is thick-n-leggy, and has milky, sweet vanilla skin, a tasty-n-sweet pink pussy and, of course, a sweet phat ass. And we know every ass-loving man out there wants nothing more than to be touching her, and have her touching you.

And while we won’t be the ones that get to beast on Caroline’s sweet ass and pussy, we’ll gladly watch our boy Big Pike stuff his stiff pipe in and out of her. There are tennis balls and basketballs with less bounce than Caroline’s plump white ass, which makes her perfect for our two favorite positions, cowgirl and doggystyle. Caroline hops on top of Pike and fucks our boy so hard his huge cock pops out of her pussy a few times. Then, he turns her around and smashes her from the back so hard her moans are a mix of pain and ecstasy.

And when they’re finally done, Pike leaves sweet layers of jizz for Caroline to remember him by.

“Oh, I love your cum all over my big ass,” she says.

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Carmen Ross – Carmen's Man-Cream Dream

Carmen’s Man-Cream Dream

Carmen's Man-Cream Dream

“Is this a dream?” Carlos asks as extra-thick Carmen Ross slowly strips in front of him.

No, Carlos, Carmen is very real, but she’s still a dream girl. She’s the type of Latina who stars in all of our hottest wet dreams. And she’s horny for a stiff piece of man-meat. And she’s got the dick-sucking lips, ass and pussy to handle our boy Carlos’ piece.

Carmen slides his magic stick into her eager mouth and gives him a sloppy deep throat. After getting Carlos’ cock nice and wet for her tight, pink cunt, Carmen bends over and Carlos bangs her out doggy style.

Carmen is a woman of few words, but this chick knows the language of fucking. Her moans grow louder each time Carlos thrusts his cock into her pussy. Carlos picks her up and smashes, hits her ass from the side and reverse cowgirl and cowgirl before Carmen finally hops off. She’s gotten his dick, but she wants his jizz. Carmen pumps his cock until Carlos shoots his load all over her face and tits. Looks like Carmen had her man-cream dream fulfilled.

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Layla Monroe – Private Dancer

Private Dancer

Private Dancer

Layla Monroe, who used to be a dancer, says she gave up dancing to pursue more exciting things–like fucking on camera for us. We don’t think a chick this bad should give anything up, though. We knew she would feel right at home on our BootyLicious stage. Especially with our boy James Kickstand, an ass- and pussy-hungry dude from Miami, to keep her company.

“I love to dance,” Layla said. “It’s my favorite thing to do. Well, my second favorite thing. Popping my ass on a rock-hard dick is my favorite thing.”

And boy, does this California chick have a lot of ass to pop on dick. Layla has 46 inches of ass to pop to be exact. And she works every inch as James smashes her caramel cunt–front, back and side-to-side–before stuffing his cock into her ass.

When James is done, he pumps a thick load of cum into her ass, too. We knew Layla would feel right at home as our private dancer.

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Layla Monroe – Last night with Layla

Last night with Layla

Last night with Layla

If a man is finally going to settle down and get married, there’s no chick better to spend your last night as a free man with than Layla Monroe. This thick, caramel-skinned chick measures in at 38-28 and 46 inches of ass made for a heavy hittin’.

“I heard you’re the one getting married,” Layla says to our boy James Kickstand. “Does your wife have an ass this big? I doubt it. Are you thinking about your wife right now?”

“Not right now,” James replies.”

We get it, James. We get it. No man would be thinking about his wife with Layla poppin’ her booty in front of him. Especially because Layla knows a guy deserves a proper send off before marriage. She pulls his cock out and gives him a sloppy blowjob. This chick has no gag reflex and deep throats our boy’s dick, too. James returns the favor and devours Layla’s caramel poontang pie.

That’s just the start, though. Once James has her pussy soaking wet, he stuffs his man meat inside of her pussy and beasts. And he’s still not done. James flips Layla over and fills Layla’s tight ass with his cock. He can only hold out for so much longer before busting his nut, and he fills her ‘donk with a sticky anal creampie.

It’s safe to say that we’d all get married if it meant we got to spend our last free night with Layla.

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Madison Rose – Sweet Rose

Sweet Rose

Sweet Rose

Madison is the type of girl men dream about. 36DD tits, 29-inch waist and 44 inches of junk in her trunk that just make you say, “Damn!”

“I actually was a stick growing up,” Madison said. “It didn’t get curvy until I was about 14. But when it came, it came all at once. I love my curves and booty, though. So do guys.”

Oh, we know you’re popular with the boys, Madison. But, what do you do with the boys that you’re a fan of?

“Oh, I can be passive or aggressive depending on my mood,” she said. “But when I want it, I have to have it. If I’m at a club, I’ll grind and pop my booty on his crotch to get him hard. Then, I’ll tell him to take me home. As soon as we get there, I just get on my knees and start sucking his cock.”

And then your man beasts on your ass and pussy, right?

“He better because I need that,” Madison said. “I never masturbate. Not because I don’t like it, but because I just want cock. I want it inside my ass, my pussy, in my mouth, too. I want my man’s jizz, too.”

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Sara Siren – Siren's Song

Siren’s Song

Siren's Song

Sara, lookin’ as sexy and thick as any white chick we’ve ever featured, is a bit parched so she fills her bottle up with some fresh water from a nearby cooler. Being the freaky chick that she is, she decides to tease us first. With a firm grip on the bottle, she sucks and licks on it as if it’s our erect cocks there in its place. Shit, we wish it were our cock because Sara has some serious skills.

That was just a warm up for Sara, though. When she gets nice and hot, she pours the water all over her vanilla ass and makes it clap.

“You like that?” Sara asks as she teases us with her ass. “You want to fuck me?”

She knows the answer to that, but we’re more than happy to watch her play. She smacks her ass and plays with her pussy a bit, getting her pink pussy wet and juicy with her juices. Then, Sara pulls out her favorite toy, a pink vibrator, and fucks her cunt until she pushes herself to a loud orgasm.

“Oh, that felt so good,” she says.

It looked and sounded good, too. That’s what we call a siren song.

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Sara Siren – Foul Play

Foul Play

Foul Play

Sara Siren is the type of chick we can get behind. Well, what we mean is we would love to get behind her. This whooty from beautiful South Florida is thin in the waist with a phat ass we’d love to taste. Because she’s so bad, we decided we should dress her as a referee. She’s got sexy dick-sucking-lips made to blow our whistles, and a curvy body only girls who stay active boast.

“I actually love to work out and play sports,” Sara said. “Wait a second. Does fucking count as a sport? If it does, that’s the only sport I play.”

That’s the only sport that matters here at BootyLicious. We reward foul play, and we’d love to touch down in that tight, pink pussy of hers.

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